How to Plan an Indian Wedding
Posted by: aakash Post Date: October 25, 2019

How to Plan an Indian Wedding Step by Step – Guide by Wedding Planner

Congratulations, if you have found your soul mate and you both are looking forward to tying the knot! Now that you both have fixed the date, your actual countdown begins to arranging for the big Wedding day! Let us help you chalk out the checklist to have a smooth and breezy wedding in India.

How to Plan an Indian Wedding Step by Step

  1. Fix the Type of Wedding You Want: Many people these days are going for sustainable weddings or small and private weddings. Yes, these also co-exist along with the big –fat weddings that we Indians have a reputation for worldwide now.

  2. Fix the Venue as Per the Wedding Type: If you are planning a small wedding, you can book a venue as per that. If it is going to be a destination wedding, you will need to zero in on a place that is accessible by both the groom and the bride’s parties.

  3. Decide on the Budget: Now that you have decided on the type of wedding you both want, sit with your partner, and discuss the amount you have in mind. If your budget is not too high, be clear on that. Also, set aside money for a honeymoon or office reception parties. If you wish to share expenses equally, divide the bill evenly or else allot costs amongst each other with care.

  4. Finalize on the Guest List: This is essential since it will help you know the heads attending the wedding and help you arrange for them. Also, make a mental note of their age or food preferences as per that.

  5. Book the Banquet hall or Resorts and Tickets: If it is a local banquet hall, consult them and know the rates. Also, know the rates they have for catering and interior decoration before the event. If you are planning a resort wedding by an idyllic tropical beach, get the resort booking done too. Buy the tickets for the close family members and book the rooms there for the date.

  6. Buy Wedding Attire: Clothes play a vital role in any Indian wedding. Some communities invest in a fortune on bridal attire, while the others focus on the jewelry the bride has to wear for each ritual through the three or more daylong weddings. Many communities will need to gift clothes to each others’ families. Both parties will need to find about these preferences in case the marriage is of two different communities or cultures.

  7. Book an Appointment with Vendors: From booking a beautician’s service to the florist, to the caterers, and event photographers, you will need to hire each. If you have hired a wedding planner, they will take care of all of these with ease on behalf of you.

Send out cards, and allow the celebratory mood to sink in! Indian weddings require a lot of time in planning. So let things fall in place as you tie the knot for a sweet future of marital bliss ahead!

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