marriage vs wedding
Posted by: aakash Post Date: August 9, 2019

Marriage vs Wedding: Know the Exact Difference

Marriage vs Wedding

A lot of times, people get confused between the terms “marriage” and “wedding.” Many think that both words have the same meaning, which is not true. Marriage is an institution that a lot of people believe in. It is a union of two people who desire to spend their lives together. Marriage is basically a relationship shared by two individuals. Whereas wedding is defined as a ceremony to celebrate the union or marriage of two people.

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Wedding is a ritual that is generally a one-day affair where family and friends celebrate the togetherness of two people. A wedding lasts a day, whereas marriage is a relationship that lasts lifelong. People have a wedding ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge their marriage. The ceremony has a few traditional rituals that are done in the presence of the near and dear ones. In some countries, a wedding is just a one-day celebration whereas in India the celebrations for the marriage are grand and continue for 3-5 days.

Indian weddings are known for their beautiful attires, traditional rituals, delicious food, and much more. People enjoy every ritual with their family and friends. Marriage is one of the vital parts of everyone’s life. It is a lifelong commitment of being there for your partner in all times be it good or bad. A successful marriage is one where two partners always make efforts to make each happy and aspire them for personal growth. 

Getting legally married is also mandatory to prove the marriage to the law. Legal marriage is not the same as the wedding. One can have both ceremonies that are a legal marriage and a wedding. It depends on the personal preferences of the two people getting married. People generally have a wedding ceremony after they decide to get married. It doesn’t matter if they are married legally or not. To help you understand better, I will share the differences between both the terms:

Marriage Wedding
This term is used for explaining the relationship between two people who are committed to each other. Wedding is a social event to celebrate the marriage. A formal ceremony is performed at a wedding with traditional rites and rituals.
The term marriage is originated from the french word “mariage.” The term wedding was tossed from the English word “wed,” which means to take the pledge.
Marriage is a personal choice of two individuals. Wedding ceremony is done to publicly acknowledge the marriage.
Another word used for marriage is wedlock and matrimony. Wedding is also referred as marriage ceremony.


Why is it important to know the difference between these two words?

Sometimes people can’t distinguish between these terms. They interchange the word in the sentences that changes the meaning entirely. It is vital to know the primary difference to understand where and when these terms should be used.

So now that you know the differences, it is also essential to understand that a grand wedding doesn’t ensure a successful marriage. It depends on the people involved in it and other factors. But it is always good to share your happiness with your closed ones by celebrating a new bond. Wedding ceremony is like a once in a lifetime memory of the marriage that lasts forever. 

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